Custody And The Other Parent

The kids will be with me most of the time. How can I make sure they maintain a healthy relationship with their other parent?

Children tell us they most often miss the parent they are not with at the time, so you need to let your children know it is natural and normal to miss the absent parent. Give your children permission to call or see the other parent.

Teach your children how to deal with feelings of missing the absent parent. Show them how to telephone, e-mail or help them arrange a meeting with the absent parent. Your showing them how to reach out is teaching them how to cope, as well as a demonstration of your support for the other parent. It is a physical demonstration of permission to love the absent parent.

Eventually, you and your spouse will have legal documents that will likely provide for set periods of visitation for the other parent. Although your children don't need to know the details of the Court's orders, they should know that they will be able to see the other parent on a regular basis. Even though your legal documents will outline specific periods for both parents, you will have the ability and responsibility to work with the other parent and be as flexible with the children's schedule as possible.