Ex-Spouse Remarried & Moving

My ex spouse has re-married and they're planning to move to another state because of the new spouse's job. What can I do?

A move to another state certainly must affect the relationship between the child and the parent left behind. Often that relationship is hurt. We have found that children of parents separated by distance most often miss the parent left behind a great deal. If the children have a close relationship with the non-custodial parent, then a move should be avoided if at all possible.

Many states have policies that prevent such a move unless there is a very compelling reason. Some states, however, have incorporated just the opposite view into their family codes and routinely allow a move unless the remaining parent can show a good reason why the move would be bad for the children. If your children have a very close relationship with the non-moving parent, travel will be hard, the child is very young, thus making travel even harder, etc., then a court, may well prevent the move.