Non-custodial Parents Time

My kids don't live with me. How can I maximize our time together and maintain a close relationship?

Frequent contact across a variety of contexts - meals, homework, sports practice, discipline, bed-time - contribute to a rich parenting relationship that mirrors normal family life. Try to interact with your children in these types of natural, everyday experiences. It will feel good and right to them.

Establish independent lines of contact with teachers, therapists, friends, neighbors, and extended family. This will help you continue to play a part in your children's lives without interruption and without infringing or becoming too dependent on the primary parent. Knowing your children's schedules and habits at their primary home will help you normalize their experience at yours.

Finally, remember that your children have two homes, not just one. Don't make the mistake of "taking the children home" after your period of possession. Keeping this mindset will help you create a fulfilling family life for the children.