Rumors and How to Avoid Them

My spouse is telling the children negative things about me and our break up. What should I do?

First, listen to your children's thoughts and feelings. Gently learn about how such information was obtained. Do not criticize the other spouse. Rather, if your child holds a misperception, correct the misperception factually without judgment.

Be realistic. Even parents within intact families make critical remarks of one another. Forgive and try to understand small transgressions. If possible, talk to your spouse about working together to protect your children from strife.

If the problem continues, your children will be harmed, so you must take action to protect them. Talk to your lawyer about options, mediation, a therapist, or even a court hearing that might provide needed relief. Judges generally have little tolerance for parents who say bad things to their children about the other parent because it is so very harmful for the children.