Will Divorce Scar our Children

Will our divorce scar our children?

Chronic conflict and stress is hard on children, emotionally as well as physically. Children under stress are more vulnerable to physical illness, problems at school, and problems with others. As a parent, you are in a better position than anyone else to answer this question about your own children. If you are chronically unhappy, stressed or depressed in your marriage, that has already had a negative impact on your children.

So rather than asking whether a divorce will harm children, the better question is "Will a divorce resolve or result in more or less stress for the children?" Once you answer this question, you will have better insight into the potential impact divorce will have on your children.

Any change - even if it is ultimately for the better - is stressful. Keep this in mind and make use of community resources - extended family, clergy, or mental health professionals to help your family through the divorce if you decide this action is the best choice.