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A divorce attorney is critical if you can't agree on custody

Many people would hope to take the high road during divorce. They like to imagine that they can negotiate agreements with their former spouse and separate, if not on good terms, than at least on civil terms.

In too many cases, however, this kind of optimism results in a one-sided divorce decree. Even if you are hoping for a positive outcome for your divorce, you should speak with an experienced Texas family law and divorce attorney. You attorney can provide you with all kinds of guidance, from advice on child support payments and visitation issues to the division of assets through the divorce process.

Without an attorney, you will effectively be placing yourself at the mercy of the courts and your former spouse. You owe it to yourself to seek out proper legal counsel to ensure that your financial and social future isn't utterly destroyed by the process of divorce.

Particularly if you and your former spouse are having trouble agreeing on custody arrangements, you are going to need the support, advice and advocacy of an experienced Texas divorce attorney. Trying to navigate the family court system without one could prove impossible.

Custody is a complex issue and hard to argue on your own

Did you know that your only option if your former spouse is withholding visitation or your partial custody time is to go back to court? The courts will not fight on your behalf and enforce your parental and custody rights unless you advocate for yourself. This process can become a lot simpler when you have an attorney you trust fighting for you.

Your attorney will understand what is legal and what is a violation of your court ordered rights during the divorce. He or she will also understand how you can assert your rights and have the courts support them as well.

Your love for your children won't change or diminish because the relationship with their other parent failed. Although you may see them less frequently during the divorce proceedings, an attorney can help you fight for a custody and visitation arrangement that is fair for everyone involved.

Unless you have an intimate understanding of custody and divorce laws and precedents in the state of Texas, your best hope for a positive outcome in a divorce where you can't agree on visitation comes from partnering with legal representation.

Positive custody outcomes don't happen by accident

When you want a particular outcome to your divorce proceedings, your best option is to partner with an attorney who understands your situation as well as state law. You can't rely on the kindness of your former spouse for a fair custody agreement.

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