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Learn the basics of fighting white collar crime charges

White collar crime charges often have considerable evidence behind them. These are very serious charges, especially when they are federal charges. It is imperative that you understand some points about charges that fall under the white crime category if you are facing them.

One important universal point is that white collar crime charges aren't likely going to just go away. You need to work on your defense as early as possible. This gives you time to fully look into the case that is being presented against you.

Learn about the charge you are facing

The charge determines what sentences you are facing. It also determines the defense strategies you might have. You wouldn't defend a mortgage fraud charge in the same manner in which you would defend a securities fraud charge.

The more you know about the charge, the more likely you will be able to understand why your defense options apply. Each white collar crime charge has to have specific criteria present in order for the charge to be valid. Knowing these criteria can help you to determine if something is missing in the prosecution's case.

Think about the alleged victim

It might not seem like you should think about the alleged victim in the white collar crime case, but doing so can actually help you with your defense. Not only can it help you to learn about what points might be present in the prosecution's case, it can also help you to determine what types of victims' rights issues your case might include.

If the federal government is the alleged victim, such as in the case of a tax evasion, the federal prosecutors might have more time and resources since another federal agency is involved.

If the victim is an individual or multiple individuals, such as in a Ponzi scheme, those victims might band together to produce evidence and victim impact statements.

Consider the prosecuting agency

Oftent, federal charges are bit more difficult to defend against simply because the federal prosecutors usually have more resources to pull from for investigation and prosecution. State agencies, comparatively, have a dearth of resources, so they might not be able to put as much time and effort into building the prosecution's case.

Additionally, the rules of order and the processes followed are different in both courts. You need to understand what will happen in the court you are facing. This can help as you plan your defense strategy.

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