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Marijuana possession charges are serious business in Texas

A half dozen states are enjoying legalized recreational marijuana for adults. Nearly half of the states overall have implemented medical marijuana laws. For some, it may seem like marijuana possession charges are not a very big deal anymore. However, in the state of Texas, marijuana possession charges can drastically alter your life. A significant number of Texas prisoners are there on drug charges, and they often face longer sentences than those accused of assault or other violent crimes. If you have been arrested for or charged with marijuana possession, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Justice Reform is a Key Issue This Election Season

Elections are just around the corner and while much of the national news is focused on the presidential candidates, local incumbents in both parties are fighting to keep their jobs. With rising frustration over the lack of progress in Congress and at the state legislature level, there is a bipartisan effort to have an impact on the local level with elections. And a key topic, especially in Texas, is the criminal justice system. With the mishandling of cases, particularly involving drug charges, many people are voting for change.

The Lunacy Of Drug Crime Sentencing

Under mandatory minimum sentencing laws, drug crime convictions can result in penalties as severe as a life sentence without parole. You might think sentences this harsh are imposed only if violence, or the threat thereof, accompanied the offense. You would be wrong. According to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in an article published in the New York Times, thousands of people now serve unconscionably long sentences for non-violent drug crimes thanks to the mandatory minimum sentencing rules.

Fingerprint drug test developed

A new method of detecting cocaine use in individuals may soon be available to Texas authorities involved in the testing and monitoring of suspected drug users. This new kind of drug test is purported to be able to detect cocaine use by identifying the residual presence of certain chemical byproducts in a person's fingerprint.

Protecting clients charged with Texas drug trafficking offenses

Who understands defense better: a Dallas Cowboys' quarterback who has led the attack or someone who has watched tons of games on TV? Obviously, a quarterback has to understand defense at least a well as opposing defenders do.

Texas's reputation for toughness is more than tall tales

Many Texans are proud of our state’s reputation for not only talking tough about drug laws, but walking the walk as well. We have some of the nation’s most inflexible drug laws that can result in harsh penalties that include long prison stays, enormous fines and lengthy periods of probation.


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